Commonly asked questions about the Reshape Microbiology Platform

Q: Can we image plates without an internet connection?

A: No - due to the huge amount of images generated during data acquisition, an internet connection is required at all times to off-load images to an online database. This is managed by Reshape and easily accessed through the user interface.

Q: Can I download images and analysis data from the user interface?

A: Yes - we provide a data export interface which can be used to bulk export imaging runs and analysis data. Keep in mind that a very large amount of data can be generated with each imaging unit, which often makes it impractical to handle with a local file management system. Read more about data robustness in our network connectivity guide.

Q: What's the throughput of the system?

A: The system is modular, meaning that you're able to control an unlimited number of imaging units from the user interface. Multiple people can run jobs on a large number of imaging units in parallel. This allows you to easily run assays with anywhere from 1 to 100's of plates at the same time.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

A: We'd love to hear from you directly! You can find several ways to get in touch at https://www.reshapebiotech.com/contact

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