🎯 Well detection

The well detection algorithm identifies the wells in the image. This is required by the analysis and in some cases, cropping and stitching to create previews.


We are continuously improving the algorithm and it works in most cases. Ocasionally, you might see a notice saying that the well detection algorithm could not find the wells in the image:

Try to follow these simple steps to get back on track:

  1. Check the Tray Placement:

    • Ensure the tray is fully inserted into the slot.

  2. Verify Microplate Alignment:

    • Match the microplate in the tray with the job’s selected microplate.

    • Place the microplate right-side up and cover it with a lid.

    • Please note: Unusually shaped microplates might cause issues.

  3. Optimize Job Settings:

    • Use various presets, including both top and bottom lighting.

    • Lower light settings often enhance well detection.

    • Keep the well circles clear of any obstructions - including labels and written text

  4. Unique Microplate?

    • If you suspect your microplate is incompatible or continue facing issues after adjusting presets, we’re here to help! Reach out to us at support@reshapebiotech.com for quick assistance.

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